Easy and Effective Exercises to relieve Eyestrain   
by: Vasanthi Bhat (vasanthi@vasanthayoga.com)

Health care and glasses linked to computer use costs companies and employers nearly $2 billion a year - American Optometric Association, USA Today, February 11, 1999

75% of video screen users reported occasional aching or burning eyes at work - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health finding, USA Today, February 11, 1999

Do your eyes get tired watching computer screens/TV screens?
Do you get headaches working with computers?
Do you think that you are suffering from insomnia?
Do you think that eye exercises take hours of practice?
Try these eye exercises taken from Vasanthi´s "Yoga For Eyes" Video. They can be practiced anytime of the day even while taking a half minute break from your work. These exercises have helped many children, computer professionals and senior people.

Exercise 1: This simple exercise relaxes and relieves tension from the optic nerves.
Open your eyes wide and look up.
Hold it for 5-10 seconds.
Close your eyes and squeeze your eyes.
Hold it for 3-5 seconds.
Repeat as you please.

Exercise 2: This practice relaxes the optic nerves and helps improve eyesight.
Holding your head straight look to your right, and hold the position for about 5 seconds. Repeat the movement looking to your left, looking up, and down.

Exercise 3: This practice lubricates and soothes dry eyes. Improves eyesight.
Place a tip of your index finger between the eyebrows.
Looking at the finger tip, slowly move the finger to the tip of your nose without blinking.
By this time eyes release tears naturally and you feel like blinking.
Repeat few times.

Note: Sometimes you may feel like blinking your eyes as you practice, as your eyes release tears quickly. For some it takes many practices to feel the benefits if the eyes are very dry.

Vasanthi Bhat´s simple, yet very effective “YOGA FOR THE EYES” video is specially helpful for people who work long hours at the computer or people with weak vision, as well as people who read and write a lot. These exercises are highly beneficial and also proven to relieve headaches and insomnia. Also effective for those who want to improve their eyesight and prevent old-age eye disturbances. Best of all, unlike yoga postures, eye exercises can be practiced any time, even after a heavy meal!