Vasantha Yoga

Yoga for Seniors
Do you think you are too old to practice yoga? Are you scared that it is too difficult? Not if you practice with Vasanthi Bhat. Her style is simple, yet powerful, and suitable to all age groups including seniors ages 80 years and over.

"During my short trip to USA, in the year 1991, my daughter and son-in-law found that as I was breathing it was laborious and I was asked to get myself checked for any heart problem. Upon return to India in 1992, I had my stress test done and everything was normal.

In 1993, while going for my usual walk, I experienced some discomfort and sweating, so I stopped for a while and thereafter completed my walk. I had my stress test again. My cardiologist found angina and prescribed some medicines.

In 1995, I came to USA, and had my stress test at Kaiser Hospital and they confirmed the symptom of angina and advised to continue the medication.

Being interested in Naturopathy, I joined yoga classes conducted by Vasanthi Bhat at the Indo American Community Service Center (ICSC), Santa Clara, California.

After two years of regular yoga practice, I had my stress test at Valley Medical Centre. This time, I was found to be normal and no sign of angina was detected. So I believe yoga had it's effect and healed me of my angina problem and I still continue doing yoga regularly.

My present age is 81 years and walk everyday about three to four miles which helps me keep fit."

-Kishore T. Mody

Here is a glimpse of Mr. Mody pracitsing various Asanas of Yoga

Many seniors at ICSC were able regain their youthfulness, alleviate heart disorders, highblood pressure, lung ailments, arthritis, diabetes, eyestrain, alzhymers, and many other symptoms.


This slower paced DVD is specially designed to meet the needs of seniors. Feel the difference immediately! Make use of this DVD to improve blood circulation, feel energetic and strong, and to feel and look young. These postures are also effective for ailments like headaches, back pain, arthritis, insomnia, nervousness, stress, allergy and asthma.

One Session of 40 minutes - $19.95


The gentle postures and good breathing exercises in this DVD are designed to alleviate lung ailments like allergy, asthma, and emphysema. They are also effective for back pain, headaches, and for maintaining overall good health.

One Session of 35 minutes - $19.95

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