Vasantha Yoga

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the most precious times in a woman's life. It's joys can be hampered by its discomforts and stress.

The stretching and breathing techniques in this DVD are specially designed to help relieve back pain, leg cramps, stomach cramps, emotional and mental stress. These exercises also help to keep the weight gain within limits.

Being relaxed and pain free is important not only for the mother but also for the baby. It has been proven that the children of mothers, who practiced yoga during pregnancy, are more relaxed, able to concentrate better and most importantly, they are healthy.

“ I am in the Yoga for Pregnant Women video. When we filmed the video, I was nine months pregnant and only 10 days before my due date.

I started studying yoga with Vasanthi Bhat six months before my pregnancy, and continued to pracice until the day before I had my son. Vasanthi showed me a modified version of each posture which had the same effect. I did not experience any back pain or leg cramps. The stretching and breathing techniques of yoga really helped me to release my emotional tensions. Thanks to yoga, I was healthy, relaxed, and able to enjoy my pregnancy. And my delivery was very smooth and easy. I didn’t need any anesthesia. Ten days after my son was born, I started practicing yoga again. Within two months, my weight was back to normal. And the greatest thing is that my son, now 2 years old, naturally learned a lot of yoga postures.”

Hazuki Kataoka ,

“ I am a just now beginning my seventh month of pregnancy. This is my first child so of course I am a little anxious about becoming a mother and about all of the changes going on inside my body. I have been attending Vasanthi's Yoga class for about a month and a half and I found Yoga to be very relaxing. I also purchased the Yoga for Pregnant Women DVD and have been using it now for three weeks. This DVD helps me relax and also provides the exercise that my doctor recommends.”

Trista Wolfe Smestad, Cohesion Technologies

“ I continued practicing yoga almost till my baby was born last June. During my pregnancy I was concerned about my back, but I had no problems. Except for occasional backache after doing dishes, my back was fine even in advanced stages of pregnancy. I attribute this to regular practice of yoga. Yogasanas helped me relax. Also, practicing yoga enabled me to keep my muscles toned and flexible. I think muscle tone and flexibility are important attributes for ease during the process of labor and delivery, and for the healing afterward. I had normal delivery, and my body recovered quickly afterward.”

Sharada Godbole


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