Family Yoga Fee schedule for Winter Quarter (January - March, 2019)

Winter quarter starts from January 6, 2019. Spring quarter starts from April 1, 2019
Please call or email for class information

Full payment is due on the first day of the class. If you are unable to come on the first day of the class, you may reserve your spot by mailing your full payment in advance. Please make check payable to:
Vasanthi Bhat
and mail to: 1196 Lynbrook Way, San Jose, CA 95129

There is no credit for missed classes. You may take make up classes (on any other day, other than your regular class) within the time of enrollment. However, if you are continuing next quarter, you may take make up classes then. Please keep in mind that your regular class day cannot be used as make up.

New students add $30, one time registration (family of 2). A book, any DVD and 2 charts included with this fee.
(Add $15 for 3 or 4 people. With this, you get one more DVD)

Sunday 11:10 am classes
January 6 Mar 24: 12 classes - Payment is due on or before January 6

Sunday classes
(Jan, Feb, & March 2019)
1 PERSON 12X12 $ 144
2 PERSONS 11X2X12 $ 264
3 PERSONS 10X3X12 $ 360
4 PERSONS 9X4X12 $ 432
5 PERSONS 8X5X12 $ 480