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Yoga for the Eyes

Yoga for the eyes is simple, yet beneficial technique that provides many benefits to people of all ages.

This DVD is specially designed to help stretch, relax, and tone the overworked optical nerves. Improves eyesight (short and farsightedness). Soothes tired eyes, lubricates dry eyes, and relieves irritability, and itchiness. Helps alleviate tension headaches and insomnia.

These eye exercises are specially helpful for people who work long hours at the computer or people with weak vision, as well as people who read and write a lot. Also beneficial for those who want to improve their eyesight and prevent old-age eye disturbances. Best of all, unlike yoga postures, eye exercises can be practiced any time, even after a heavy meal!

“I practice yoga eye exercises regularly. My favorite is the ‘clock exercise’ where I have to move my eyes in a circle without moving the head. My eye doctor says, with regular exercises, my eyes will become strong, and one day I may not need any glasses. So, to keep my eyes strong, I put Vasanthi Bhat’s Yoga for the Eyes DVD and practice the eye exercises and also the yoga postures which help the eyes.”

Pooja Desai, 51/2 years, Kindergarten student

“I started wearing glasses for short-sightedness at the age of seven. My eyesight got progressively worse for years until I started practicing these eye exercises. Within 6 months, my eyesight improves, and I was able to get rid of my glasses. These exercises also helped me relieve my dry eyes which I had for many years. So far, I do not need reading glasses.”

Vasanthi Bhat, teacher, producer, publisher, Vasantha Yoga Publications

“I have been doing netra vyayam, yogic eye exercises, for the last three years. My vision has improved from -3.25D to -2.00D. My ophthalmologist, who was initially skeptical about any improvement, is now quite interested in monitoring my progress. I do the exercises in Vasanthi Bhat’s Yoga for the Eyes DVD, or frequently, when I don’t have much time, just do five minutes of the basic eye exercises.”

Ashok Jethanandani, publisher, India Currents



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