Yoga for Everyone Yoga for Everyone

This DVD has detailed instructions with explanations of benefits of each postures.

Utilize this DVD for muscle toning, maintaining or improving health, to feel and look young, to improve concentration and memory, and for headaches, insomnia, allergy, and other ailments.
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Yoga for Seniors Yoga for Seniors - Levels I & II

This DVD is specially designed to meet the needs of seniors. Feel the difference immediately! Make use of this DVD to improve blood circulation, feel energetic and strong, and to feel and look young. These postures are also effective for ailments like headaches, back pain, arthritis, insomnia, nervousness, stress, allergy and asthma.
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Yoga for Children Yoga for Children

This DVD is designed for children. Make use of these sessions to improve flexibility, feel energetic, improve concentration, relieve stress, and cure ailments like headaches, allergy and asthma.

Parents are encouraged to practice aloang with children.
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Yoga for Back-Pain Yoga for Back Pain

This DVD is specially designed for people with back pain.
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Yoga for Children Weightloss Program with Hatha Yoga

This DVD is specially designed for people trying to lose weight. The DVD includes cardio exercises, weight training, Abs workout, muscle conditioning and relaxation techniques
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