Class Schedule

Hatha Yoga Classes for Adults

Vasanthi Bhat Teaches Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, & Meditation for general health & fitness for all ages

Do you think you are too old or too young to practice yoga? Not with Vasanthi Bhat. Vasanthi Bhat has students who are 88 years young and 2 years old.

In these classes, Vasanthi Bhat gently guides students with warm-ups followed by asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), dhyana (meditation), pranic healing, and relaxation techniques. They are highly beneficial to improve self-esteem, boost energy level, promote tranquillity, expand spirituality, awaken hidden energy (chi or kundalini) and achieve inner peace.

Special individual classes and are given upon request for specific reasons such as injured back, cancer (brain tumor, stomach ulcer, lung and colon cancer) chronic fatigue syndrome, leukemia, stroke and others. Pranic healing techniques have helped many to recover and prevented from reoccuring again.

Special company seminars are also offered on-site and off-site.

"I had ruptured disc when I joined Vasanthiís yoga class. My range of motion was very limited. I went against the better judgment of my doctors, who were afraid I would re-injure myself.

Vasanthi patiently guided me, helped me adjust the yoga positions suitable for my condition. Pranic healing relaxation further helped me get in touch with the area I was experiencing shooting pain. After 3 months I stopped taking medication and my doctor could not believe how fast I was healing." - Anat Kedem