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Meditation for All Walks of Life   Meditation for All Walks of Life
An introductory CD by Vasanthi Bhat with music by Habib Khan

This easy listening audio presentation features:

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Natural breath, chanting, and relaxation
  • Complete breathing and counting breath Meditation
  • Vipasana (Inner Silence) Meditation
  • Healing by visualization and Yoga-Nidra (Yoga sleep) Meditation
Total length: 56 min
Vipasana Meditation   Vipasana Meditation

This album consists of two CDs that include Om chanting and introduction to Vipasana Meditation followed by three practice sessions and deep relaxation, each ending with soothing music. These sessions help relax and calm the inner turmoil experienced in life.

Essence of this meditation is how one can utilize the conscious mind to train the subconscious mind to achieve personal goals. Vipasana Meditation is a proven technique for relaxation, stress relief and emotional healing.

Total length: 1 hr 40 min

Chakra Meditation   Chakra Meditation

This album consists of 2 CDs designed to help the listener familiarize with seven Chakras (Energy Centers) in the body. The sessions start with Om Chanting, followed by understanding the power of stimulating the charkas, deep relaxation and meditation on the seven charkas, each ending with soothing music.

Practice of Chakra Meditation stimulates the Chakras and releases energy, thereby helping to reduce anxiety and stress, heal stress symptoms, and experience peace and inner harmony.

Total length: 1 hr 58 min

Pranic Healing   Pranic Healing

This album consists of a CD containing a short introduction followed by two practice sessions and deep relaxation each ending with soothing music.

Pranic Healing is the practice of directing the pranic (breath) energy to the affected areas of the body with positive affirmations. Directing the Prana consciously to the affected areas accelerates healing. Deep Relaxation further helps to relieve stress and maintain optimum health.

Total length: 56 min