Veerabhadrasana - The Warrior Pose   
by: Vasanthi Bhat and Rajiv Jaswa (

Yoga is a powerful art form with incredible healing powers. These powers can be harnessed by anyone with a desire for self-improvement. As you have already read in this series, there are various poses or asanas that can be used to relieve stress and refresh a tired mind. In addition they can have tremendous physical benefits. This article will focus on the mental and physical benefits of Veerabhadrasana, or the Warrior pose.

Mental Benefits of Veerabhadrasana

Veerabhadrasana has numerous mental benefits such as improvement of concentration. However, its primary benefit is that it is an uplifting and exhilarating pose. This is because the energy centers in the spine are stimulated when the spine is stretched. The energy that is released has the power to exhilarate the mind. It is useful in times of depression, since it can lift one out of their depression, into a happier state. Similarly,

it is also useful in releasing stress. The release of the energy also creates a soothing and relaxing sensation. The proper way to achieve these benefits is through concentrating on one´s breath flow while assuming the pose. When this is done, Veerabhadrasana can uplift and exhilarate the soul while relaxing and soothing the tired mind.

Physical Benefits of Veerabhadrasana

Veerabhadrasana is ideal for an athlete, and even better for someone who wishes to be in as good a shape as an athlete. There are many reasons for this, beginning with the fact that it is a stretch of every muscle from the head to the foot. In doing this, it strengthens all of these muscles. In order to strengthen a certain muscle, one must simply concentrate on that area of the body while practicing Veerabhadrasana, thereby strengthening the foot, ankle, hamstring, knees, and quadricep muscles. Sciatica and lower as well as upper back pains can be alleviated through consistent practice of this pose. The chest expansion that this pose creates is useful in eliminating allergies, as the lungs are also being expanded. This chest expansion is also useful in eliminating cholesterol and heart problems. Weightlifters can warm up by practicing this pose, as it strengthens and stretches the shoulder muscles, biceps, and triceps. This is also useful before playing tennis. When one stretches the hand while practicing this pose, they can also use it to alleviate arthritis pains and rheumatic stiffness. Finally, by stretching out the neck and face, the thyroid glands are stimulated facial muscles are stretched, and the eyes are stretched helping those with glasses. The wrinkles around one´s eyes can also be reduced in this same way. As evident, Veerabhadrasana is extremely useful in the physical sense, as it can be used to strengthen and stretch every muscle from the head to the foot.

When should you practice the Veerabhadrasana

Veerabhadrasana is a simple standing pose that can be practiced almost anywhere, whether it is during an office break, or a short recess in between final exams. This pose can also be practiced along with other asanas in the morning shortly after awakening. People who exercise or practice sports regularly can also use this pose before and after to warm-up and relax the muscles that are used.



To conclude, Veerabhadrasana is a simple full body stretch that can be utilized by anyone to uplift and relax, and at the same time derive numerous physical benefits through consistent practice.