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Yoga for Active Individuals

Active individuals are accustomed to using their bodies and muscles vigorously on a regular basis. Stretching and breathing exercises help people maintain their bodies and should be practiced in conjunction with strenuous activity. When regular stretching is neglected, the strenuous activity strains the muscles, joints, and tendons and accumulates in the body. This accumulated tension has forced many active people to give up their favorite sport or activity as a result of some type of injury or permanent damage.

Athletes, dancers, weight lifters, body sculptors, and other active individuals who incorporate yoga techniques in their activities discover that the benefits go beyond the effects of simple muscle stretching. These techniques are essential in eliminating stiffness, improving coordination, and preventing injuries. Moreover, yoga helps balance mental, emotional, and physical energy, thereby improving concentration and endurance. Overall, yoga helps active people release the accumulated emotional and physical tension that is stored in the body as a result of daily stress and strain.

“ Yoga has enriched my life. It has helped me learn to stretch, to relax, to breathe, and to become healthier. Yoga is the common thread in all that I do - I have become obsessed with good health. At 44 I feel younger and heathier than ever before in my life.

I bicycle over a hundred miles per week. I rock climb every chance that I get. I am a committed vegetarian. I am pushing this old body of mine hard and feel that it is Yoga which is responsible for keeping it energized and unbroken. But Yoga is much more than stretching and physical health.

Yoga is also spiritual and thus infinite, a very deep subject indeed. I can only begin to tell of what it has done for me, as its story is yet unfolding within. Yoga has enriched my spirituality.”

George Maydell

“ To perform well, the body needs to regularly go through its natural range of motion, keeping joints lubricated and muscles toned. For example, most lower back pain and injuries are directly related to tightness in the hip flexors, abductors, rotators, quadriceps, Achilles tendon, and calf muscles due to the lack of stretching and mobilization. This neglect often leads to back sprain, herniated disc, and sciatica. It is very important to athletes, injured performers, and others to stretch properly. Stretching should be gentle, easy, and pain-free... ”

Kokila Patel, Registered physical therapist

This DVD is specially designed to incorporate yogic techniques into your activities. These gentle and powerful exercises help to tone and condition the body (ankles, feet, calf muscles, quadriceps, biceps, spine, shoulders, neck, and arms). These techniques are highly effective, and proven to prevent sports related injuries. Great for energizing!

Yoga for active individuals has three sessions of 10, 17, and 35 minutes. The first session demonstrates standing warm-ups. The second session is for standing and sitting exercises. The third session has warm-ups, asanas, and pranayama.

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